Friday, September 30, 2011

Note to myself

DMC has "glow in the dark" wool and next project has to be a "glow in the dark" bear.
I know already which pattern I am going to make. So off to the haberdashery to get some wool.
Next project is going to be....: an icicle-mohair-bear
It is a pity there aren't a lot of Dutch patterns available on the web, luckly I understand the English patterns  .


Er bestaat "glow in the dark" wol. Volgende project zal een "glow in the dark" beer worden.(als ik zo'n wol te pakken krijg)
Project....: an icicle-mohair-bear  
Het is spijtig dat er zo weining Nederlandstalige patronen te vinden zijn op 't internet, gelukkig voor mij versta ik de Engelse patronen ietwat.

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